Spelling Lessons

Last weekend, I woke up to hear the sounds of my kids talking downstairs. I recognized my son’s “teaching” voice immediately: not quite patronizing toward his younger sister, but definitely practicing his adult tone of voice to exert authority.

Then I heard footsteps.

Two cute little beings appeared, with satisfied grins on their cute little faces.

Then my 7-year-old son showed me this piece of paper…

…as he explained that he was working with his 4-year-old sister on her spelling. This was her spelling sheet, which he took the liberty to correct once she was done.

Notice he wrote the words “good!” next to words she spelled correctly. He also made notes where she needed to write a lowercase letter instead of an upper case letter.

Then he showed me his spelling key.


His handwriting, by the way, is far more legible than mine. I looked at him, so full of pride, and my heart exploded with so much love for these two little creatures who have so much love for each other. Even though they may fight like crazy, they also care, protect, and nurture beyond words.

My son is an amazing kid, but the role he was born to play? Big Brother. He excels in that role far beyond this mother’s expectations, everyday. I am unbelievably honored to be his mother.

It’s these random moments of goodness — these itty bitty moments of pure, unexpected joys of parenting– that I strive to document. Being a parent is an amazing gift, and in the crazy, challenging journey of raising kids, I hope to never take moments like these for granted.

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